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I was walking home yesterday
and this black cat was sitting in the tall prairie grass staring at me and follwoing me with its metallic yellow green eyes, it looked like a moving bat-man hat in the grass.

there are some people that sit next to me in art class and they were talking about
some drugs that they like and I'm pretty sure that Pot makes holes in your brain, right? so I told them that Pot makes holes in your brain, but they said that Pot is not a drug and doesnt make holes in your brain, am I wrong? Pot does something to your brain doesnt it? They are very...independent people or hippie wannabes or something but lets be happy without putting holes in our brains please, lets not tarnish the protest movement with...brain holes?. well, I dont want holes in my brain (alcholhol puts holes in your brain too)or the trouble of finding drugs, or deal with the dulling of my senses over time and jail and everything else that happens. but you all already know that, lalalalalalalala

if you ever get lost in the rain forest,
the things you have to worry about the most are not alligators or tigers eating you, because these animals will avoid you unless you go after them...but the things you have to worry about the most are bacteria and poisinious mini lizards, mosquitos and other bugs, the small things. That is interesting, we normally don't notice the problems around us until they get big, don't we? or at least that is the time that we actually feel motivated to do something about it, kind of like procrastinating on your homework only sometimes much more serious consequences can result. yet we survive, most of the time, so we think it will be okay next time also (but you only need one mess up for it all to be over). but say you get skin cancer, and dont do anything about it until its too late. so lesson of the day is: Dont do drugs, if you think you have cancer anywhere, get it checked out so you survive (even if your not completely sure) and drink pomogranete (spelling?) Or cranberry juice because that contains antioxidents that help prevent cancer, especially in the intestines, like colon cancer (which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths)


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May. 9th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
That was random and jumpy like my entries, never really noticed how confusing that would be, or maybe its just because I am sick and my energy is not being used to think just to fight evil germs!!!
Anyway, I remeber being taught that it does destroy brain cells, which I guess could lead to holes since the brain does not generate any new brain cells after a while (I think it is when you reach the age of 20) and it cant generate any new cells when alcohol or any other drug is consumed, which is probably why the legal age for alcohol use is 21.
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