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Done with first college class

what an exciting class :D

we learned all about war. (but of course not everything)

-culture, media, strategy, insurgency, counterinsurgency, alternatives to war.

now I have even more to rant about!

My first college experience wasn't as challenging as I expected academically. It was sometimes difficult because I'm kind of directly connected to these issues through.

I wonder how I will change b/c of Iraq? (it'll probably make me even more wimpy than basic training has made me)


But I met some really cool people here and I would have liked to stay longer and have an actual 4 year college experience...but thats not possible (tear). I am kind of attracted to the idea of going to school in the city (Chicago) for the rest of my college years (and beat up gangstas...yennow...>.>) but chances are I'll get really annoyed at the standard style of classes and return to Evergreen crying for shelter from the letter grades and political conservatives.

I hope you all have a great summer! I won't be seeing you guys next year also so have a great year too and I hope it will be better than this year has been for some of you. And I might not be seeing you the year after that either, and for people that are graduating in one or two years maybe never again. But I'm glad we've met.
i actually have to write something to prove i exist

unlike in facebook.

I'll write about what has happened over the course of one year again! (even though its not the new year this time) (and oh gosh (oh goodness) ive changed so much from my other entries...)

The truth is, ending high school screwed up my internal 'growing up' clock and I really miss being able to 'Look back on yet another school year and all that I've learned and been through'. (It's all the Armys fault...fuck the army)

a year ago...was June 2007. High school was just over (I slept in on graduation practice and had ended up watching the ceremony from the audience...My teachers saw me and were very confused because as antisocial as I could be, they didn't think I would fail out of graduating.)

Of course by then I didnt really comprehend the overness. Because 9th period sessions of fooling around during P.E. with Preethi and Krista were still fresh in my memories.

I lost my camcorder and was forced to actually participate in social life for the last month I spent in Naperville before boot camp. (Instead of just storing it for later usage...although I have to say that I did create a really awesome music video summarizing my last two years of high school with that sucker, which you all better watch 50 years from now and still laugh at it (especially my spelling errors))

I miraculously met Tori the last night and we talked for hours about the future again.
I said the military was a bad idea. oh shitz why can't I follow my own advice?

made a website...it is pretty damn hot. (http://www.free-n-happy.com/bingles/sitetrial1.html)

Boot camp was a breeze...in many ways...BUT ANNOYING AS FUCK! (I was the physical fitness valedictorian by some freak of nature... and got some leadership skills by being in charge of telling 14 other people what the person above me tells me to tell them to do)(the army claims to teach leadership skills. but in reality it teaches you how to be a sheep)

Never underestimate the craziness of people's lives in lower class America.

(crazy violence, 15 year old mothers, fathers trying to kill their sons, alot of prisoners, watching your husband commit suicide while you are trying to pull back the gun, living on the streets, and more...all within my platoon)

never underestimate the power of a person's pride. (motherfuckers got into fights over the most trivial matters)

No wonder other countries look at our culture strangely. (I thought that was because of Britney Spears)

Medic school was long and boring. I got even more annoyed of the army. (I can't stand the smell of hand sanitizer cus I always smelled like that during training...it brings back those emotions of stuffiness and unfreedomness)

anyways, I studied alot and was the valedictorian (again) this time for my test taking skills. (i forgot alot of what i learned by now, I am going to review. ) (alot)

The Army made me wimpy. I used to be like "yeah! lets go running! I can do this! yay for physical harship and camping and staying up late!" now everything that reminds me of basic training really gets on my nerves (especially walking around with alot of weight on my back) I also got alot worse at running. (My dad was looking forward to me coming back and standing up straight like a proud soldier...I still slouch...and now my back hurts)

I went home and was escatic for about a week until I realized that Annie wasnt going to try to talk to me more even though I was home now (and proved that the Army hasnt turned me into a cold blooded killer...or made me any more physically or mentally strong for that matter.) (I was being naive...she has a boyfriend now)

Went to the Evergreen State College...home of hippie, left wing, activist, tree hugging, anarchist, bonfire dancing, moderate, war resisting, gender neutral bathroom stalls.

The first people I made friends with were Anarchists.

First time I met a real communist.

However, starting a revolution failed when the May Day rally went south as Anarchists dressed in black destroyed a few Bank of America windows (cus globalization is the plague...apparantly...) and got pepper sprayed and beaten. (they pepper strayed the revolution!)

a Sit-in in for Free Speech vice principles office got boring. (for me at least...I mean, why should I care about Free Speech?)

I joined the Middle East club and met amazing Annamarie who is going to save the world. (If i was God...or something similar)

I drew an 8 page comic. (and rushed on the last half so it looks like shit) (but my first two pages are amazing)

I met some really cool people (that arent Anarchists...not that I dont like my Anarchists...I just dont beleive in the same things) and lately we've finally started having deep discussions. (but Im leaving next week...in order to have deep discussions with friends at home)

we recently lost the first soldier from my medic class, he was the fiance of my bunk mate.

The overall mood within my class is that the war is a waste and Iraq/ Afghanistan isn't that worth it. And sadness.

I saw the Ocean and slept on the beach. (then it started raining and the tide came up)

I like my class and learned alot about war, and how much it sucks, and how idiotic it is.

(oh fuck I'm going to Iraq.)

(fuck the Army) (fuck...it was my decision)

Don't worry though. Don't worry at all. ( I have no idea what we'll be doing ).

(I might do a mechanics job) I've gotten wimpier. The confident me was in sophomore year.(although that seemed to correlate with my level of idiocy)

I realized I need to beleive at least a bit in human goodness again or else I'll just go crazy and jump off the next precipice I come across. (good thing there arent too many of those around)

It's been a pretty strange year...I've probably done the most this year out of any other school years not including in middle school.

waoh lj

hi kids
This is my LJ...huh?
I might as well update my life:

I am in Olympia Washington
I am taking a class called "War, consequences and Alternatives"
I have discovered that I am quite politically moderate
I joined the Army National Guard
I am a combat medic, medical company 181 Brigade support battalion, evactuation platoon, armoured ambulance squad.
I am going to Iraq in October
I am going to be active duty starting Mid July for training
(will be in Naperville for most of June and beginning of July)

Dec. 11th, 2006

oh wow,
its my live journal,
that I havent seen in months,
I think I'm turning emo
emo like an emo kid, lalala
I think zero hour is whats turning me emo,
getting to school by 6 to swim for 40 laps in an over-chlorinated pool should turn anyone emo,
im so emo, lalala
actually im probably not turning emo,
oh well,
but i AM a chinese spy,
I confess to you all, i am
a red spy, a communist spy,
i have been spying on your all,
i actually am not any one of you people's friend,
I'm just tricking you and,
spying on you crazy americans,
if the department of defense gets a hold of this I'm screwed,
but oh well, my KGB allies will protect me.
mao will protect me.
yeah, long live mao.
im not going crazy, really.
你好!ive been translating stuff from Chinese to english
for business brochures with the help of very nice artist people in Beize Advertising Co. for the past two-three days. There is a guy here who is trying to learn English and named himself 'This' in english.
"this is This"  or 'My name is This" "this what?" "This." "THIS WHAT?" ... Yeah, i found the China COF. 我县你们!要好好的!组捣乱!再见!

Jul. 22nd, 2006

i am at my uncle and Aunts designing business place right now.
the people here remind me of you guys, weird artist types. the designing they do for posters, bookelts and websites here are much better than ive seen in other places, or maybe im must biased. today we went to this little town place where all the artists hang out. there are alot of gallerirs, stores full of art books and super-random graffiti. the entire place used to be a cold war factory apparently so theres all these pipes and everything looks really cool. i think alot of you guys would like it. Everyone here talks about drawing. my uncle is a contemporary chinese artist apparently and teaches at a university in Beijing and my aunt runs the designing business. art is awesome, putting it into life makes it so much more interesting. like turning a corner in the town where you expect all hte houses to be the same but see a square scultpure of a human size cabbage plant just sitting there.
I have found that American Stewardesses are rude, Japanese ones are really really cute (i want to take one home !) and Chinese ones just want to get the job done.
Beijing has everything, skyscrapers and farms and slums and White Eagle's. But I Havent seen a single beggar, everyone is doing something. It is actually very green, Naperville is extremely boring compared to here. The girls are all dressed very nice and the men look like they work out no matter how old they are. Its not as hot as people warned me and i havent been jumped by random pursesnatchers as people warned me of either.
On the plane i met this girl that is in her last year of College at Gettysburg university, she studies Chinese and is super-into womens rights and everythingelsesrights. She reminds me of you guys in General, serious about politics but still very insane and fun.:) I also met a lady who is also named Bing, i gave her my seat and helped watch her three year old daughter and she helped me find the plane. Looking out the window, It seems that you pass through different moments of clarity and confusion, the initial clearness that you see when you take off, seeing all the buildings and cars, ends as you have to gain altitude and pass higher into the clouds, then you see nothing and it is all an obscure whiteness, but then, when you least expect it, you can see all the clouds and hte sky clearly and the ground beneath and the sunset is shining though clouds and illuminating them in bueatiful colors and everything is clear again. I think life is kind of like that. Well, im gonna go get lost in this hotel, wee!

Jul. 11th, 2006

hey Leah, a good book for your dad "The Easy Way to quit smoking" by Allen Carr
very good. you can read it too to get ideas, even though you dont smoke. It kind of tells you what not to do if your trying to help people quit.
hey COF, whats something that you think people in America would be willing to pay money for that you can find in China? <market research, we have to fund our projectos somehow. take care everybody. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


i was taking a walk after dinner, cus they say that its healthy and all to do that, and I decided to go enjoy lifeness and go sit by the pretty lake that tries to take my life once every year, and there are these pretty green plants that just kind of sway around in the wind. On one of these pretty green plants there was a pretty white fuzzy, that pretty white fuzzy was a fuzzilicious caterpillar. I couldnt resist picking it up and petting it and calling it all sorts of cute names, so then I was letting it inch along on my arm and started thinking about how the plants get eaten by caterpillars yet they also need the caterpillars later on to help fertilize flowers. And i noticed that the caterpillar was nibbling me and i was like "okay, its being all nibbly" and I looked down and it was taking a teeny weeny chunk out of my arm and drawing blood and there you have it,  I have been eaten alive and lived to tell the tale, I also  have created the caterpillar vampire! mwahahahahahahahaha!


0. lifeguarding XD
1. AP English - Janota
2. AP Goverment-politics - Tufo-Jarnagin
3. Advisory - Ryder (woot)
4. Honoros Physics- Carbonnea
5. Television production two - Traut
7. AP environmental - Vanderstein
8. AP Macroeconomics - Cebryzynsk (how to pronounce?)
8. (second semester) study hall
9. Psychology - Schmauder
9. (second semester) Adventure studies- Macmanamen