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I have found that American Stewardesses are rude, Japanese ones are really really cute (i want to take one home !) and Chinese ones just want to get the job done.
Beijing has everything, skyscrapers and farms and slums and White Eagle's. But I Havent seen a single beggar, everyone is doing something. It is actually very green, Naperville is extremely boring compared to here. The girls are all dressed very nice and the men look like they work out no matter how old they are. Its not as hot as people warned me and i havent been jumped by random pursesnatchers as people warned me of either.
On the plane i met this girl that is in her last year of College at Gettysburg university, she studies Chinese and is super-into womens rights and everythingelsesrights. She reminds me of you guys in General, serious about politics but still very insane and fun.:) I also met a lady who is also named Bing, i gave her my seat and helped watch her three year old daughter and she helped me find the plane. Looking out the window, It seems that you pass through different moments of clarity and confusion, the initial clearness that you see when you take off, seeing all the buildings and cars, ends as you have to gain altitude and pass higher into the clouds, then you see nothing and it is all an obscure whiteness, but then, when you least expect it, you can see all the clouds and hte sky clearly and the ground beneath and the sunset is shining though clouds and illuminating them in bueatiful colors and everything is clear again. I think life is kind of like that. Well, im gonna go get lost in this hotel, wee!


Jul. 17th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
English hostesses=EVIL!!!!!!!!!
They try to correct my American accent...evil, snotty...little..
Jul. 17th, 2006 10:01 am (UTC)
American security guards are annoying too, they have this attitude problem thing.